Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Striped Dog Sweater With Collar

Here goes my second attempt of writing a pattern. I made this sweater for my terrier mix Mason. He is 25 lbs and very barrel chested. He wears a medium. The collar and the little bow tie make it a little fancy. This is going to be his spring/Easter sweater. Adorable!

Striped Dog Sweater with Collar
Ch 33
Row 1: with MC dc in 4th chain from hook. Dc in each chain across. turn
Row 2-4: ch 3 (count as first dc). Dc in same space as ch 3. Dc in each dc across. 2 dc in last dc. Turn b
Row 5-6: change color to CC. repeat row 2
Row 7-10: change to MC. Repeat row 2
Row 11-12: change to CC. Repeat row 2
Row 13- 16: change to MC. Repeat row 2
Row 17-18: change to CC. Repeat  row 2. Join with sl st.
Round 19-22: change to MC. ch 3. Dc across. Join with sl st
Round 23: change to CC. Ch 3. Dc across. Join with sl st
Round 24: ch 1. sc in next 3. Ch 12. Sc next 32. Ch 12. Sc next 4. Join with sl st
Round 25: ch 1. Sc in next 3 sc. Sc in next  12 ch. Sc in next 4 sc. Join with sl st
Round 26: change to MC. Ch 3. Dc across. Join with sl st
Round 27-29: ch 3. Decrese by 1. Dc across. Dcrese by 1. Join with sl st
Round 30-31: change to CC. Repeat row 29
Round 32-33: ch 3. Dc around. Join with sl st
Row 34-37: ch 3. Dc in same space as ch 3. Dc around. 2 dc in last dc. Do not join. Turn
Tie off. Weave ends in.

 If you have any feed back please let me know.


  1. Oh, my, how cute! Blue is the perfect color for Mason. What are you planning for Independence Day? It needs to have some stars on it. Just don't put one star on Mason's left chest area or it will look like he is "Marshal" Mason. Cute idea though. Hmmmm....Marshal Mason......

  2. It's so cute. I will make for my boys.

  3. I want to make it smaller. How would I do that?

  4. For rows 2-16 are you doing a row of increase and then a row of double crochet or are both increase rows?

  5. What size hook and what gauge?

  6. I love the pattern, but usually the pattern includes the size hook needed and the yarn used. Also, what the neck and chest measurements are and it also helps to put how many stitches you should have at the end of the row. You have a very cute doggie and he looks like he saying "do I really need to wear this?" - so cute.

  7. Having problems after row 25, Are the instructions all there, Row 26 do you also go around the row of chains and single crochet. In your picture I do not see where these rows are on your dog, Will stop and wait for further instructions,

  8. I'm waiting too - nobody seems to be getting a response.

  9. Also you ask for feedback but you are not doing anything with the comments.